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Want to Make Your Perfect Pet a Bit More Perfect?

Our training program tailors to you and your pet’s needs. After a thorough evaluation and consult, we develop a game plan to help you achieve those goals. Our services include private lessons, board and train, and much more.

Free Consultation

A consultation is required for all new clients. This meeting is to discuss your pet’s needs, to understand the goals you have for you and your pet, and to determine appropriate expectations for all parties. Our trainer will review all relevant programs, commitments and costs. The consultation is in person with your pet at our facility.

Referral Program

If you refer a client who purchases training, you will receive a free 30 minute private lesson with our trainer or one free day of boarding.

Dog Training Programs

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Private Lessons

Private lessons give you more one-on-one time with a trainer. We like to focus on things you and your pet are struggling with. Clients schedule one lesson per week. Our trainer will customize every lesson plan to each pet and owner's specific needs. Our goal is to give the family all the tools necessary to have a good life.

  • Bronze Package

    4 Sessions (30 minutes each)

  • Silver Package

    4 Sessions (60 minutes each)

  • Gold Package

    6 Sessions (60 minutes each)

Equipment is not included. Training equipment needed: treat pouch and slip collar. Available at facilities or online store. Clients are required to pay half of program as a deposit.

Board & Trains

Board & Train is a distinctive program that will help put your pet on the fast track to success. Your pet will get two training sessions per work day (5 days per week). When your pet is picked up there will be a 1 hour go home lesson. We will do 1 hour follow up lesson within three weeks of completing the program. Payment requirements: half of the amount due at drop off and the remaining due at pickup.

Puppy Program
Length: 2 weeks

Are you looking to get a head start on your puppy’s training and manners? With your puppy having a set training schedule and daily routine, you and your pup will be on the path to success. This is for puppies 16 weeks to 6 months.

Your puppy will go home with a treat pouch, training collar, and a 6-foot biothane leash.

City Dog Program
Length: 3 weeks

Are you struggling with your dog not listening to commands and pulling on the leash? Our City Dog Program will teach your dog manners in an outside your home. This program will give you and your pet the tools to enjoy a nice walk at the park.

Your dog will go home with a prong collar, tab line, and a 6-foot biothane leash.

Urban Dog Program
Length: 5 weeks

Are you an active person or family and wanting to take your pet places with you? Our Urban Dog Program gives your pet the freedom to enjoy a game of fetch or hiking while also remaining safe. Your pet will learn manners and how to be respectful during public outings.

Your dog will go home with an e-collar remote, bungee quick snap collar, 6-foot biothane leash, and a 30-foot long line.

Clients will need to purchase a treat pouch and elevated pet bed before your pet comes home from training.
These items may be purchased at the facilities or our online store.

Training Add-Ons

Pets must be in at least a 3 week Board & Train Program.

This command is geared towards teaching your dog to release toys and not mouthing people.

This command is geared towards teaching your dog to come and sit in front of you.

Your dog will receive an extra 30 minutes of training.

This option is to give dogs more time to learn certain behaviors or additional commands not included in your package. It’s required for dogs that need extra guidance for things such as separation anxiety, fear, reactivity, and confidence building.

E-collars provide safe and humane dog training to improve effectiveness and reduce stress on your dog. Low-level stimulation conditioning is used to achieve superior results and improve your dog’s behavior.

These products help balance your pet. They can help with focus, more confidence, better mood, better sleep, and less pain.

Additional Training Options

Refresher Training. This is for pets that have previously completed training with us. We can review any commands and manners that your dog was introduced to with us in the past.

Equipment is not included.

Refresher Private Lesson

Four (30) minute lessons total. One lesson scheduled per week.

Refresher Board & Train

This is a great program for those planning a vacation. While you are gone your pet receives a touch up on their obedience and manners. This includes seven days of boarding and five days of training, plus a 30 minute go home lesson at pick up.