What makes us different

  1. We focus on BOARDING.
  2. We have a variety of different boarding packages.
  3. Prices are all inclusive.
  4. Individual care provided to each guest.
  5. Guests enjoy luxury suites with raised beds in a climate controlled environment.
  6. We vacuum, hand wash, and dry all of our suites.
  7. We are very hands on with each guest to make them feel at home.
  8. Our guests enjoy Outside time, in a fenced in yard.
  9. Our guests enjoy our “Signature Couchtime.”
  10. We monitor all guest behavior, food consumption, and elimination patterns.
  11. We communicate any issues with your Vet as well as you.
  12. Our staff receives regular training including pet health issues.
  13. Our staff is hand-picked for their compassion and caring nature.